Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Far Left is the Far Right ?

Pardon the preoccupation with politics. It will wear off sooner than later. Always fascinating to see an administration in transition. Newspapers are awash with changes in Washington. A superb article in the Wall Street Journal talks about the changing dynamics of power But beats me, why it should make a story. Its a great story alright, but there is a lot of scrutiny on who will be a part of the coterie. The country is having such conversations aloud, trying to come to terms with the magnanimity of the change it just ushered in. As an outsider just two months into the old country, I am amazed how connected I feel the new country.

On that positive note - please read this phenomenal piece in the FT, that says how The Election has punctured anti-Americanism. Phillip Stevens says in this article "In demonstrating the infinite capacity of the US to reinvent itself by rediscovering idealism, Mr Obama robs friend and foe of their alibis....." Then goes on to conclude : "The world may be disappointed. One of Mr Obama’s most dangerous enemies will be the impatience of our age: the ever present demands that tomorrow’s problems be fixed yesterday. Perhaps the new president will lack the decisiveness that is an essential partner to careful deliberation. But this is a moment for optimism. Once in a while, politicians do change the course of history."

An Indian newspaper has reported that the one of the advisory members of the Obama team has close connections with a Hindu right-wing organisation. I was in denial for at least 30 minutes. Very troubled if you ask me.

I remember walking into a new government soon after elections in 2004 in New Delhi when popular vote threw out the right-wing ruling party. One could easily sense the change just walking around in north bloc on Raisina Hill - how quickly power equations change. The brokers of the erstwhile government now powerless. But these things change so quickly. The more they change, the more they remain the same. Wait for incumbency to gather under the new administration. No one knew what the Left brought to the table five years ago, when they became the ultimate power brokers in the coalition government holding every reform and every piece of legislation to ransom.

Wait and Watch Washington.

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